Projects for Japan Tea Export Council

In recent years, we have seen a rising trend of the Japanese tea export. However, in a world where the way of consuming different types of tea and other beverages have gone through great changes, the production of tea for export and the surrounding establishment has to be developed further in order to make way for increased exports. In this sense, many issues remain to be solved.

On the other hand, the domestic consumption has decreased and due to this, the total production has decreased accordingly. With this in mind, Japan Tea Export Council is carrying out or considering carrying out the following measures in order to increase the export of Japanese tea.

1. Measures regarding production

Establishment of an organized system for the production of tea for export
(1)Establishing readiness for production of tea for exports
In order to plan a good structure for the production of export teas, cultivation as well as production skills should be optimised.

(2) Production of tea that live up to the standards regarding agricultural chemicals in the destination countries
It is important to establish a staple production that meets the requirement of the laws regarding food safety in the respective destination countries.

2. Improving the environment of exports

(1)Adjusting production to meet the trace-standards of agricultural chemicals in the destination countries
(2)Adjusting production to meet international standards
(3)Emphasising the scientific proof of the beneficial effects of high quality tea (Matcha)
(4)Spreading knowledge about Japanese tea overseas
Apart from adjusting the production to meet the international as well as local standards of agricultural chemicals, the position of Japanese tea on the international market should be elevated by participating actively in meetings of organisations such as ISO FAO IGG on Tea, ITC and so forth.

3. Marketing and software

(1)Offering seminars and education in various countries
(2)Measures directed at persons concerned with exports
(3)Education system for Japanese tea abroad
The image of Japanese tea as a healthy and safe product, with focus on the beneficial effects of catechin as well as the cultural aspects and the pairing with Washoku (Japanese food) should all be highlighted when marketing Japanese tea overseas.

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