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In order to boost demand for Japanese tea around the world, there is a need for instructors and organizations that teach about Japanese tea in other countries to create materials for teaching and providing advice based on accurate knowledge of Japanese tea, and digital images are especially important for this. Up until now, tea instructors outside of Japan have been using images collected on their own and through their contacts in the industry-there is no database where such images are systematically organized into categories such as cultivation, manufacturing, refining, and history and culture. The lack of such a database has made it difficult for instructors to have access to accurate information.

Therefore, we have created this English database of images that Japanese tea instructors in other countries can use to promote the consumption and raise awareness of Japanese tea, and to create teaching materials based on accurate information. In this way we hope to encourage activities to promote and educate about Japanese tea around the world.

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Site Open!
Some of the categories are still under construction. The database is supposed to be completed by the end of March, 2018.