Japanese tea is becoming more and more popular in the world. However, there are still things to be known to the foreign customers. We made 4 videos in 5 languages(English, French, German, Italian, Chinese) to introduce these secrets to the world. The long film is of the facts about production & trade of Japanese tea. The 3 short films are of cultural aspects including Sencha-do & the challenge of modern French cuisine. We hope they will help you to buy & enjoy Japanese tea.

(Currently, you need to apply to watch all videos. Please inquire at the email address: info@nihon-cha.or.jp)

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Long Video: The Japanese tea Story

The delicate taste of Japanese tea is created by the hands of various people through cultivation, harvesting, and several processing procedures. In Japan, where domestic distribution has developed historically, the existence of a so-called chasho (tea wholesaler), who creates the taste of tea using selected ingredients and responds to the needs of consumers, has also played a major role.
In this video you can see the whole picture of modern Japanese tea, and this can be used as an introduction for those wanting to import Japanese tea.

Short Video: All About Japanese Tea