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Japan Tea Export Promotion Council was founded with the main objective of encouraging the export of Japanese tea and to support the tea industry. In order to so, there is a need to promote suitable exporting regions and to grasp the conditions and requirements of the destination countries as well as any counter measures that might be needed. It is also necessary to arrange seminars and to use PR to create a good base for the spread of Japanese tea.
In order to create a favourable environment for exports, as an organisation we aim to further develop the structure behind the production of tea for export, and to continue the work that has been made by various organisations and authorised officials in the field so far.

President of the Japan Tea Export Council  Kamikawa Yoko

New   Japan Tea Export Promotion Council Buying trip 2019

August 22th 2019
Japan Tea Export Promotion Council Buying trip 2019
(DEADLINE 8th Oct. 2019)


June 29th 2017
Japan Tea Export Council will organize a 9 day comprehensive study tour in Japan free of charge in September/October 2017


June 6, 2017
Video"The Japanese Tea World(#English)" has released.
March 31, 2017
Japanese Tea Education Database has released.

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